Would you Rather questions For couples

Every day you have to make decisions. Many involve making decisions between two options. If you have no idea about how to start a conversation with your new crush or partner, then this article will help you. Some of these questions are funny, others are difficult and some good icebreakers work. At any time, you use information about adults and use them to get more information about each other.

Would you rather question is a game for all irrespective of their ages. You can find would you rather question for different categories. Among those one of the challenging category is would you rather questions for Kids. Because you have to be careful about what you ask or teach for kids. Lets come to our topic.

Here are some best handpicked would you rather questions for couples.

  1. Would you travel to 100 years in past or to the future?
  2. Would you spend two months locked yourself in home or two months in prison?
  3. Do you have a bee sting or a snake bite?
  4. Would you rather swim regularly or dressed in town for the next two weeks?
  5. Would you borrow $ 10,000 from your parents or $ 1,000 from your friends?
  6. Would you rather be with a poor guy who loves you truly or with a guy who is rich?
  7. Would you rather propose your partner or get proposed by your partner?
  8. Would you rather prefer a candle night dinner on your first date or just a casual meet?
  9. Would you rather be live with a person 10 years younger to you or 10 years older than you?
  10. Would you rather quit using internet for two months or quit having relationship for two months?

So what are you waiting for. Start to chat with you partner and have some fun time with them.  

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